Sunday, March 25, 2018

Work and Class Denver

This is at 5:30pm  Get there early
Writing some of these articles require a lot of work and lately I have been given some advice to start making these write ups a little shorter with more pictures.  Denver has just been a recent host to Top Chef 2018 and what I have discovered is that Denver has become a great eating town.  Last month the James Beard Semi Finalist awards had 4 selections in the Colorado area and one of these is Work and Class.  Located in near the ballpark, in one of those areas that used to be a place where you would not hang out is a small corner spot that seats about 60 when the weather is good.  The Chef has a ton of credibility check her out Dana Rodriguez

Wonderful Meats

Cochinita Pibil

Work and Class has a very simple menu to buy from, 6 or 7 great starters, 6 or 7 great entrees and some nice sides.  The prices are very reasonable for the tastes and quality you get.  We got several starters, a good selection of meats and 1 awesome side.  Honestly I ordered too much food, probably because the meats you order by the quarter pound which I guess is a lot bigger than I imagined.

Curry Lamb and Pork Albondigas
We started with the Curry Pork and Lamb Albondigas on Polenta, the Blue Corn Empanadas stuffed with Squash, Zucchini and Oaxaca Cheese and the best Beet Salad I have ever had.  Each of them were great in their own right but the reason I liked the Beet Salad is that it had some Arugula, Grapes Pumpkin Seeds and Grapefruit Dressing .  It was just Fresh!
Best Beet Salad

We then went with the Meats including Goat, Chile rubbed Lamb and Cochinita Pibil or Chile Rubbed Pork.  The Goat was OK, the Lamb was Great and the Pork was fun and tasty.  We ordered a Spicy Fried Sweet Plantains, this was honestly my favorite,

Easy Good Menu
Overall this is a great neighborhood restaurant that if you do not get there early you will not get a seat, but while you are waiting you will get the Drink of the Day for only $4.  Just a tip their drinks and beer selection is very good so dig in.