Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kat and Theo Flatiron NYC

Chef Shah of Kat and Theos
Every time we go to NYC we try a new restaurant for this trip I picked as new restaurant in the Flatiron District called Kat and Theo.  Kat and Theo is a Mediterranean inspired restaurant under the direction and influence of Executive Chef Paras Shah, Besides Chef Shah there is a strong team including Mixologist Stephen An and Pastry Chef menu Serena Chow.  The restaurant is contemporary with the bar, kitchen, and dining up front with additional dining in the back.  The walls of the restaurant are the original brick of the building and the design invites both warmth and intimacy.  Like many of my restaurant reviews the kitchen is open and provides visual stimulation and culinary skill envy as the busy chefs prepare great food.

We started our evening with a couple of drinks Metal and Dust and the Mexican Firing Squad.  The Metal and Dust is a Lager based drink with a Oaxaca and Mulato Chile infused Tequila with lime and Mole bitters, the Mexican Firing Squad includes Tequila, Grenadine too much to describe for two really tasty drinks.

Delicious Octopus
Our server Eduard was passionate about the menu and provided some guidance on what he would recommend to try.  We started with Charred Octopus, the Octopus was prepared perfectly and were as tender as a well  cooked Scallop.  It was accompanied with White Bean puree with several flash fried White Beans that added texture.  The Octopus had a slight Citrus touch and was finished with Oregano, it was a beautiful plate.
Lamb Shank
We had decided to share the Braised Lamb Shank entree this dish was perfectly done, moist and tender steeped in Mediterranean spices, sitting on a bed of Wheat Berries, Crispy Smoked Lamb Belly, Carrots, and Fig.  The Lamb was perfect in that it did not have the strong lamb taste, the Wheat Berry and Lamb Belly provided some good texture to have something to chew on.  The Fig provided a sweetness that accompanied the Lamb perfectly.  Along with the Lamb we had Fried Artichokes which were sprinkled with Reggiano Cheese Walnut and Lemon Zest, a tasty accompaniment.
Fried Artichoke

Carrot Cake Yum!!
Before the desert Chef Shah came over and we talked about his time he spent in Spain interning at the famous El Bulli and that many of the taste influences came from his time working in Spain.   The restaurant was in it's first year and it had been a great experience during the initial build and ensuing year of servicre.   We told him that the meal was perfect and asked which desert we should try, he suggested the Carrot Cake.
Two nights before we celebrated my Birthday and bought some take out deserts, Carrot Cake and Cheese Cake from Juniors on 42nd.  Juniors is no known for its small portions.  Point is that I was concerned that this Carrot Cake would be another large eating endeavor.  Fortunately for us it was a perfect desert with Espresso and White Chocolate Ice Cream with a dusting of Pistachio.
The entire meal was very enjoyable and I would recommend that you enjoy a meal at Kat and Theos.