Sunday, August 2, 2015

Paper Dosa Santa Fe New Mexico

Chef Karuppasamy
Sunset In Santa Fe
Every now and then you need a change of scenery.  We decided to pack up the dogs and move to Santa Fe for 2 weeks.  Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in the US over 400 years old when it weas the capital of Northern Mexico.  It is at 7000 feet and has clean air and great weather patterns that change very quickly and create some awesome colors in the sky and against the hills.  On this trip we decided to do away with the more high end restaurants and go to the latest newer openings of highly regarded restaurants.  On one evening we went to Paper Dosa which features South India Cuisine.   Paper Dosa is outside the main Historic Santa Fe and sits in a small center off of Cordova Avenue.  The interior is larger and was light and open, you could see the kitchen from every table.

Dosa with Potato filling Sambar and Chutneys
Delicious Lamb Curry
Dosa is a fermented crepe made of rice batter and black lentils.  The Dosa is served with Sambar (Lentil Based Stew), coconut chutney and tomato chutney.  If you are a vegetarian or Vegan Paper Dosa has great dishes for you.  But along with the great choice of Dosa's you can also order Lamb, Prawn or Chicken Curry.  
We love Indian food so we took a sampling of the entire menu we got two Dosa's and Lamb curry.
A Dosa is served with a potato filling that has different flavor choices like Masala, White Truffle or Spinach and Fennel.
The Dosa is kind of a do it yourself burrito where you spoon out the flavored potato filling and add the Chutney's.  I broke pieces off of the Dosa and made it more of a Taco than a Burrito.  The Masala Potato stuffing had great heat and the chutneys provided a great cooling effect.  The Truffle filling was less hot but was filled with great flavor.  The Lamb Curry was tender and was packed with flavor and heat.  We definitely ordered too much for 3 people but I have to admit it gave us a great opportunity to sample this Southern Indian cuisine that was new to all of us.  Next time you are in Santa Fe make sure to stop by Paper Dosa.