Monday, October 6, 2014

Portland Country Cat

Recently I had the good fortune to go to Portland and try a new restaurant The Country Cat.  This is a James Beard semi-finalist and is known for it's Fried Chicken.  I have had a lot of Fried Chicken so I decided to get past the mundane and order something that was more of a challenge to cook.  The Country Kitchen is a farm to table restaurant in a small community east of the river.  The restaurant is compact and tonight I had a chance to sit at the counter where all the cooking is done.  The menu is simple and I went for two dishes and a side.
Corn Gazpacho
Main Kitchen
I started with the Sweet Corn Gazpacho.  What a great way to start a meal the sweetness of the corn, the tartness of the pepper and smoked tomato and the crunch of the pecan.  I had never had a soup like this before it definitely ranks in my top 10.
Rather than going for their famous Fried Chicken I went with their Duck two ways.  The two ways are a Grilled Breast and a Smoked Leg served with Spaetzle, Blackberries and Pecans, this is a real Pacific Northwest Dish.  The ample portion of Duck was perfectly cooked the sauce with the Blackberries and Pecans provided texture and flavor profiles making the dish special.  I also ordered some Collard Greens with big chunks of pork belly.
The Country Cat is a great place to get exceptionally crafted homey food and a very reasonable price.  the staff is awesome and my server Bree did a great job in guiding me through the menu.