Friday, July 4, 2014

Little Uncle Pioneer Square Seattle

Rock Fish Fritter
Little Uncle's Kitchen
Looking for a great place to eat in Seattle try Little Uncle in Pioneer Square.  this place is so good I went there twice for lunch.  Not easy to find but it is one block toward the Sound from Pioneer Square, you go down stairs into the basement and it looks like you have arrived at someone's casual cooking and dining area.  It has a great smoky smell of cooking Thai food and there are great cartoon artwork in different languages of different super heroes on the brick walls.  something to read while you are in line.  It is best to have one person secure a spot in one of the eating areas, make shift bar, couch area or small dining set ups. 
Poached Chicken
Nam Tok Spicy
The menu is very simple it is a no frills great Thai food emporium.  We started with Curried Rock Fish Fritters with Fried Basil and Vinegar Cucumber.  Tasty little snack to start, the combo of the crunch of the fried basil and the bite of the vinegar cucumber made this a unique dish.  My guest had the Khau Mun Gai which is a no heat but savory dish.  The Fee Range Chicken was moist and tender and it was accompanied with Garlic and Chicken Fat Rice, Spicy Ginger Sauce and a Winter Melon Soup.  I had the Nam Tok which was ironic because I had been talking to our Hotel Front Desk manager Phillip and he had recommended that if Nam Tok was on the menu get it.  Nam Tok is a Rare Beef Salad with Tamarind Dressing, Mint, Cherry Tomatoes and Jasmine Rice.  This is a spicy dish so be prepared to deal with it.  It has great taste combos with the sour of the Tamarind the sweetness of the mint and the lettuce is a natural cooling agent for the spicy beef.
Overall this was a great find for lunch