Saturday, July 5, 2014

Chino San Francisco

Soup Dumplings
Lamb Skewer
In June we went to San Francisco for the day and ended up in the Mission District scoping out some of the unique retail experiences.  The Mission District has some of the best new restaurants in the city and today was Zagat's turn to give us a recommendation.  We went to Chino a recently opened new age Chinese restaurant with a Mexican influence.  When you think about it that is a great flavor combo..  Chino has a simple menu from Snacks, to Dumplings, Noodles and Rice and great tasting Veggies.  Also a pretty creative drink selection.  We started off with the Grilled Lamb Skewers, they were spicy and the cucumber added a little heat relief.  Next up was the Bao De Chicharon.  Bao is a Chinese Bun  Chicharon is a deep fried pork skin in this case a chunk of pork belly.  This was good we both liked the addition of the cilantro.   Next came the XLB which is a dumpling with soup in it and a bit of meat ball.  The caution here is to let the soup inside cool down before you bite down.  I have only had this type of Chinese dumpling once before. 
Bao De Chicharon
Typically this would have been my favorite dish because it was unique but in this case it turned out to be the Carrots A La Plancha, they were familiar to the carrots that we had a Empellon Cocina in NYC but instead of Mole they had Black Vinegar and Five Spice so you can imagine it was like a Sweet Tart.  Overall Chino was good they have a great Bar menu and the food is delicious.