Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Dutch in Miami Beach

The Dutch
We went to a very cool art event in Miami, Art Basel Miami which is the largest contemporary art show in the Americas.  It consists of many venues that show both established and up and coming collectible contemporary art.  We went with a small group of like minded individuals (Ann our hostess, David, John, Muriel, Beth, Kris and of course Jo Ann) to have fun, enjoy the art and consume some great food.   Art Basel was amazing but in conjunction with the art show was Design Miami which is the Contemporary home design show of the year.
Jeff Koons
I had high hopes of hitting several great restaurants while we were there and was not disappointed.  One restaurant worth noting is The Dutch at the W South Beach.  The W South Beach is one of the most dynamic party scenes in South Beach, so where else would a group of 8 Baby Boomers hang out during one of South Beaches largest events of the year.  The Dutch is a Andrew Carmellini inspired restaurant with its roots in NYC.   Andrew who is a James Beard award winner has several successful collaborations mostly in his home base NYC.

Colorful Beets
Oyster Sliders Yum!
Lets get to The Dutch, whenever I walk in a W hotel I come to the realization that without my reading glasses I cannot see a thing because it is so dimly lit or because i am too old to be there but there is a transformation from the youth glitz to The Dutch which reminds me of a brand new  American country kitchen, bright, lots of wood, color, food in jars you get the picture.  I am getting used to this retro Americana look it is simple and clean.  I did not pay much attention to the service, it was a big group, I got a great entree recommendation and was well taken care of so it seemed to be OK.  We were here for the food experience and I do not know how the other 7 were feeling but I was pretty excited.  Good thing about a big group is that there are a lot of choices so there are plenty of food photo ops. 

Flounder Basil Polenta
Snapper with Green Curry
For starters I had the I had the Oyster Slider and the Lobster Slider, they might sound pedestrian but they were both spectacular.  The Oyster slider was on a light sesame roll that was there to hold this great taste together.  The Oyster was deep fried and crunchy on the outside and melted in your mouth in the inside, the herbs and sauce brought out the briny taste of the oyster to make it a great bite.  The Lobster roll was just as tasty with a large chunk of Lobster meat and a great creamy complimentary sauce.
The entrees all looked spectacular I had the Florida Flounder with Basil Polenta and Heirloom Tomato Chutney.  The Flounder was recommended by our server Genie and I am glad I had listened.  the fish was perfectly cooked not over done and the Basil Polenta was creamy and delicious.  OK now i have not had Basil Polenta but I have to tell you that it had that great punch of Basil without the bite.  The Tomato Chutney pulled the taste together so the taste was a piece of Fish with a dollop of Polenta and a drag of Chutney which produced a tangy, buttery bite.  The other meals on the table looked great as you can see.
I would recommend The Dutch it is fun with great food.