Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Marrow NYC West Village

The Marrow
First time back to NYC in 7 months for a little R & R.  We were well prepared for eating venues and kept all our reservations.  First night we were in town we went to The Marrow in the West Village.  The weather was balmy and all of a sudden the clouds opened up and poured the entire time we were there. The restaurant is in West Village and is a medium sized modern open design.  The Marrow is co-owned by Harold Dieterle and Alicia Nosenzo the inspiration behind the menu is Harold's upbringing in a home with both backgrounds in German and Italian Cuisine.  Our server for the night Guy was extremely informative about the menu and was helpful in providing us details behind the restaurant and the menu.
Duck Canneloni
Delicious Pork Sauerbrten
Let's get into the food the menu is made up of both Italian dishes and German dishes so we chose two Italian Starters and two German Entrees.  The Ricotta Cavatelli was my favorite dish we had it is Cavatelli in a Tomato braised Baby Octopus, Golden Rasins, Pine Nuts, Capers, Olives.  Now envision each bite, sweet, salty, smokey, bitter and tender, that should make your mouth water.  Our other starter was Duck Canneloni Stuffed with Ricotta, topped with Duck Confit with Dandelion Greens and Sofrito, this dish was a lot more subdued with more of a savory taste.

Duck Schnizel
Our Entrees leaned over to the German Cuisine with a Pork Sauerbraten which was a modern presentation of a German Comfort food.  The Pork was melt in your mouth, each bite had a bite and the Apple Cabbage Slaw provided a great crunch and mouth cleanse so you enjoyed the bite over and over again.  The Potato Rosti which is traditionally a Swiss breakfast dish was a nice place for the Pork Cider Jus to soak in and provide a contrast in crunch and soft bites.  The other dish was Duck Schnitzel and really was that.  It was a quality traditional dish but was demurred by the other fantastic tastes we had before.  I did really like the Quark Spaetzel with Hazelnuts it just felt healthy.
Overall it was a good start in NYC thanks to Guy who was a professional server.