Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cusp Best View in La Jolla

Every Table has this Fantastic View
If you want one of the best dining views in San Diego you must go to Cusp in La Jolla at the Kimpton Hotel La Jolla For those of you who are not familiar with the Kimpton Brand of Boutique Hotels you are missing an excellent hospitality experience. I have been an Inner Circle member for 5 years and they treat me like a owner when I stay at their hotels. The other gem about Kimpton is that they focus on having great restaurants with up and coming Chefs like Chef Donald Lockhart.

First of all there is not a bad table in the restaurant all of them have spectacular views of Scripps Beach, make sure to get there for the sunset. Cusp specializes on cuisine inspired by Coastal Mediterranean flavors and ingredients. San Diego does not have the variety of great restaurants that New York or San Francisco has but they are working on it and Cusp does not let you down.

Dungeness Flatbread

San Sebastian
For starters we had the Dungeness Crab Crisp with Roasted Chiles, Tomato and Lemon Vinaigrette. The crisp was delicious and crispy, Chef Lockhart told me that he took Pizza Dough and folded the Crab in the dough and froze it. When ready to prepare he fried it to a golden crispiness and then piled more cold Dungeness Crab on so you have a Warm Cold sensation. Bottom line it was very tasty!! The second starter was the San Sebastian Flat bread with Roasted Shrimp, Chorizo with a Manchego, Cilantro Piquillo Pepper sauce. It was a very nice combination of flavors both served hot that night and cold the next day.

Sea Bass Paella
We both had the Pan Seared Corvina Bass with Saffron Risotto, Shrimp, Mussels and Piquillo Peppers. Everything was cooked to perfection the Bass had a nice golden sear, the Shrimp were moist and tender and the Mussels rounded out the flavor combination for this modernized Paella dinner.

Looks as good as it tastes
The ultimate Dessert
Since Dessert was part of the Dinner special we took advantage of ordering the Blood Orange Upside Down Cake and Caramel Panna Cotta. I will focus on the Panna Cotta not only did it look fantastic it was fantastic. It was built like a Ice Cream Sundae with rich thick Caramel on the bottom and chunks of Almond Roca on the top of the delicious Panna Cotta. Overall one of the best rich desserts this year. So Cusp is a must go to in San Diego it is the complete dining experience.