Saturday, June 29, 2013

Krakow Traditional Polish Food

This is half the Square in the Old Town
This week I was in Krakow Poland on a business trip.  I was there with colleagues from Britain and Belgium, David, Rolf, Gijs, Nick and Stuart (Ghandi).  This was a very fun group of guys all on our first trip to Krakow.  Krakow's Old Town is a very beautiful place clean, historic and a great place to sit have a beer and watch people.  The first night we were there I succumbed to the Brits not wanting Polish food, Pork, Potatoes and Cabbage and I actually went to a Hard Rock Cafe so Rolf and David would not have a meltdown.  Nothing special here average food average service which eventually lead to a conversation about David's dog Pickles.

Now that is a Real bown
Ralph's ( Rolf's) Pierogi's
The second night I took the advice of our client and went to Miod and Malina in the
Old Town of Krakow.  We had no reservation and had to convince the hostess we would eat and be out of there is 1 hour.  This group always starts out with a beer before getting down to business.  For starters each of us enjoyed something different I had the traditional Wild Mushroom soup served in a bread terrine, Stuart had the Salad with the Beef Prosciutto, Rolf the Meat Pierogis with Fried Onions  and David the Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream Sauce (Every time David got a dish within 30 seconds half was gone).  I can only talk for my soup, the presentation was unique in that it was not in some flimsy Bread bowl, it had substance and structure it was meant to be a bowl.  The Bread Bowl provided a sour taste that worked well with the mushroom and meat based soup stock stuffer with Wild Mushrooms.  I could imagine this as a great winter meal in itself. 

Pasta are we in Italy?
Roe Deer

Roe Deer with Raspberry Sauce

Pretzel with Boar
For the Main course I had Boar on a giant Pretzel with Venison gravy, the others had Roe Deer and the Scampi Pasta (At a Polish Restaurant).

My meal was a hearty dish with rich tastes of the Venison gravy, Boar essentially is Pork Roast. Nick was kind enough to give me a bite of the Roe Deer is a Raspberry Sauce, I was surprised how tender it was it was slightly gamey but very good.  Overall the best dish at the table

Panna Cotta
David "Pickles you wanna bite"
Nicks Warm Krakow Cheese Cake
For desert the guys ordered a variety of the house specials, Apple Pie ( You can see David likes it), Warm Krakow Cheese Cake with bittersweet Chocolate Sauce and Stuart had the Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce definitely the most eye appealing.  I found out that Nick was a sharer and he gave me a bite of his warm Krakow Cheesecake and it was very rich the texture was more like a lighter New York Cheesecake.

Overall the dinner was good but I think the camaraderie was the highlight of the evening.  Oh by the way we were there for 2 hours until we were asked to leave and make way for a reservation.