Saturday, June 29, 2013

Havis in Helsinki

Havis Open Kitchen

Outside overlooking the Harbor
This trip I had a layover in Helsinki due to the lack of flights out of Krakow.  Helsinki is a compact city it is a mixture of both modern and historic Nordic architecture.  I was there when the weather was spectacular and was able to take in many of their highlight sights. Helsinki is a very clean city and the people cherish it when the weather is great.  I wanted to eat a fantastic fish dinner so I asked the Concierge at the Glo Hotel Kluuvi where I could get exactly what I wanted.  He suggested Havis because it had a patio to enjoy the spectacular weather.  I walked over there through the park and was able to get a table since it was only 6pm.  The restaurant is part of the Haven Hotel and has formal, patio and kitchen eating areas.  I only had one thing on my mind and that was to have Salmon.  The menu was very brief which is perfect and they were featuring Asparagus.  One of the tings I love about Europe is their fresh breads it is just better than anything I find at home.

Asparagus Soup rich tasting
I started out with the Asparagus Soup which had a cooked egg yolk in the center, slivers of raw Asparagus and drops of a spicy Asparagus infused oil.  This was not only a nice dish to look at but a delicious way to start out the meal.  the egg provided a salty different texture to the soup and I savored every drop. 

Salmon perfectly cooked
I had the Salmon with Roe Hollandaise, Asparagus, thinly sliced Radish cups with Asparagus infused oil, a rectangle of cheese mashed potato and several citrus drops.  The Salmon was cooked perfectly rare and the combination of the rich Roe Hollandaise was a spectacular match, notice how the dish pops with color.  The interesting part is the color matches the taste.  Art in food!!

For dessert I had the Dark Chocolate topped with sweet Rutabaga, Rutabaga Ice Cream and Praline Sauce.  Nothing that I expected it was a combination of several tastes that worked perfectly together.  Look at the colors, those are Violet peals and micro Mint leaves it was a fantastic way to finish off dinner.