Sunday, May 5, 2013

Driftwood in Dallas

Toast to MJ's big Deal
Block Island Swordfish Delicious
This week I was in Dallas for a few meetings and fortunately one of my team members was there so I sent her an e-mail with the name of 3 of the Top 10 Restaurants of 2012 from Dallas Magazine.  MJ picked Driftwood a Seafood restaurant near the Oak Cliff and Bishops Art District.  Driftwood is a small upscale casual restaurant with a very concise menu and a very knowledgeable and proud staff.  The interior is light and minimalist the windows let in quite a bit of light and the walls have some remnants of found objects from the beach, you know Driftwood.
Tender Grilled Octopus
MJ had just closed a large deal so I arrived a little early and had the bartender prepare a couple of glasses of champagne to celebrate her hard work.  The menu at Driftwood is not overwhelming so yu do not have to wade throu a sea of choices. Kevin our Server was very high on the Octopus and would not let us have it as an appetizer so we bought it as an extra entree.  We started with Wellfleet Oyster Pan Roast which had Blue Oyster Mushrooms, Leeks, Oyster Crema, Cauliflower topped with Smoked Trout Roe.  Unfortunately I will have to
Too much Foam on the Halibut
describe it because like idiot I forgot to take a picture of this and the Lobster Roll.  The Oysters were delicate and tender and melted in my mouth the tastes of the Trout Roe and the Crema made this an outstanding starter.  The Lobster Roll was beautifully presented and tasted equally well, the Lobster was combined with Gherkins, Tarragon Aioli, Garlic Butter Potato Gaufrettes.  The bottom line it was very tasty but probably a dish we did not need but it was for MJ her favorite food ingredient.  Off to the second course a Romaine Hearts and Octopus.  The Romaine Hearts was very tasty with some twists with Marinated Medjool Dates and Ricotta Salata which is a dried Ricotta.  The octopus was everything advertised it s intertwined with Marble Potatoes, Manzanilla Olives, Pickled Onions and Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette.  The Octopus was tender melt in your mouth smokey/salty experience the best I have ever had.  It hung on my tongue for a long time a very well made dish.  The entrees were Block Island Swordfish, Alaskan Halibut and Brussels Sprouts. The Halibut was good but what bothered me about it was an over abundance of foam and I felt it had been waiting on the pass for a few minutes.  The taste was good but it was not memorable.  The Brussels Sprouts is like a great candy that is sweet, savory and spicy all in one bite they are crispy Brussels  Sprouts, with Pork Belly and Fish Sauce.  I did have a piece of the Swordfish and that was memorable it was done medium rare and the fat from the fish coated my tongue and left this great taste impression that I can still taste.  Driftwood is a great restaurant with very good food. I would recommend do not go pedestrian order something you have never tried and perhaps just go with 1 mall plate and three entrees if there are just 2 o you and make sure one is the Octopus.