Saturday, January 26, 2013

Michael Mina's San Francisco

California Street Next to Tadich Grill
Rarely do I get to write a review like this where I have a combination of a fantastic client and a awesome dining experience.  We have a client GCL who took our team to dinner to thank them for their great efforts during the holidays to help them bring their systems up for production. They were gracious enough to take us to Michael Mina Restaurant in the Financial District in San Francisco.  Michael Mina took over for the old Aqua restaurant (Same Owner) with a similar seafood theme.  

Suckling Pig with Pear
Amuse Bouche
Work of Art Sashimi

This evening was all about the food. The menu is broken up into Starters, Seconds, Entrees and Dessert.  The portions are gracious so I could only go with a Starter and and Entree.  We all started out with an Amuse Bouche of a small Grilled Cheese with a small cup of Potato Leek Soup. It was creamy and welcome after coming in off the cold night city streets. 

Ricotta, Pepper and Honey on Toast Anti Bread and Butter

What I found more fun was their toast served with a small cup of warm ricotta with black pepper and honey spread, now that was unique and tasty, sweet and savory.  Some of the folks ordered Oysters which I had to try they were tender and very sweet.  I ordered the Suckling Pig with Green Garlic and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of food I got.  My friend Kim ordered the Sashimi which was sprinkled with Smoked Soy Salt and Christine ordered the traditional Ahi Poki which is prepared at the table.  I would have considered this a pretty great evening of eating at this point and we had not even gotten to our entrees. 

Black Cod and Sweet and Sour Pork
Lobster Pot Pie
Sweet Scallops
I wanted to take the time that we had a big party and the Michael Mina Team really spent a lot of time and attention making sure we were taken care of and happy.
On to the Entrees.  When ever I see Black Cod I order it and I guess I was not the only one that has that food desire.  Only thing I did not notice or pay attention to was that it did come with another portion of pork so my intention to try to eat at least one plate as a healthy plate somewhat failed.  Our host Yumin and Kim also ordered the Black Cod and it lived up to it's reputation, it was cooked perfectly.  Black Cod is a tender white flaky fish with some oil and a good amount of moisture it has a lot of flavor.  Christine was kind enough to let me try one of her perfectly cooked Scallops and Tracy shared with us a glimpse of her deconstructed Lobster Pot Pie. 

The Cake melts in your mouth and the white Balls are frozen on the outside and Liquid on the inside
Overall the dinner was great and I would make it a must go in SF. But finish my review I have to mention the Dessert.  I did not order it but I did taste it and I will tell you it was the best take on a modern Tiramisu that I have had.  The Cake was feather light and melted in your mouth.  The white balls were frozen White Chocolate with liquid White Chocolate inside.  How do they do it?  Overall Go to this Restaurant!!