Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa Fe's Geronimo

We used to have a house in Santa Fe so I understand the town and the restaurant scene very well.  This is the first time we had been there together in 2 years and to our surprise the scene had not changed and there was really nothing new to talk about.  We had gotten a hellacious deal at the Inn on the Alameda for 3 days.  I was there first customer over 20 years ago so it was great to go there and the provided an awesome suite.  It was our Anniversary so we picked Geronimo which is owned by Chef Eric DiStefano.  Eric also owns Coyote Cafe which is a Santa Fe mainstay.  Geronimo is on Canyon Drive and it is special to go there on a very cold night because of the very warm ambiance. 

Foie Gras... Delicious
Sea Bass
The restaurant is known for it's Elk Tenderloin but there are some more interesting items on the menu.  I started with the Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque and JoAnn had the Foie Gras.  Both are good choices and I must admit I was envious of her Foie Gras because I know Eric does it so well.  This time it was on a small Pancake with a dollop of Acorn Squash Puree steeped in a Ginger Bread and Vanilla Essence.  What a way to start!!  We then got our entrees the quality continued o excel Eric prides himself with the presentation and as you can see in the pictures the meals look unbelievable.  JoAnn ordered Fiery Sweet Chile Grilled Mexican White Prawns and I had the Green Miso Sea Bass.  The Prawns come in a stack on top of white rice cakes and have a Hot and Sweet taste very delicious.  What I love about this dish is that the prawns are very large and the meal is quite filling.   The Green Miso Sea Bass is very delicate the Fish has been poached in Lobster Broth and is served on a bed of Ramen with shavings of Black Truffle.  This is the type of meal you take small bites and savor every chew. 

Prawn Stack..Hot and Sweet
Hands down this is the most consistently good restaurant in Santa Fe and is a must have when you go there.