Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boeuf in Paris

Bistro Kitchen
Paris like any of the gastronomy capitals has it's own great eatery's that do not have a famous chef.   One of the nights we were there we went out as a group.  The 4 of us went to St Germain to Boucherie Rouliere (They do not have a Website so I have posted the Yelp Site).  Jean-Luc Roulière is a 5th generation butcher and this little Bistro was a great find. 

Christophe's Foie Gras

Escargot Garlicky

The only place I eat Escargot is in Paris so of course I started with Escargot, Christophe had Foie Gras, Mark and Martin had Salads.  For the entree Mark and I split a side of Boeuf and Pomme Frittes the picture is just one of the plates.  The Beef was magnificent and I tried Bone Marrow for the first time, to my delight it was creamy like a savory butter as you can see the meal was substantial but we managed to make a huge dent in it but it took 1 hour of cutting, chewing savoring and resting.

That is a lot of Boeuf

  Martin had the Salmon with Zucchini.  Paris was very cold outside but the restaurant was compact and was very warm.  All in all a delightful restaurant experience.