Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brooklyn Take it or Leave it

Kind of cool Vibe BTW they spin Reggae records
Simple Menu
You Know you are There
I really do not get why folks are so keen on Brooklyn.  We went to Williamsburg and found it dirty and unimpressive.  Perhaps we just walked down the wrong streets but it looked to me a dichotomy of two cities one that is trying to be unique and hip and another that can't clean the streets or the empty junkyard lots.  Anyway we went their in our quest to find great boutique breakfast joints. 

Pretty Simple but Very good
We had a mission to go to Whirlybird a hole in the wall breakfast joint that serves 2 types of Tacos a daily special and Lattes.  I love Mexican food and the thought of a breakfast Taco left my mouth anxious.  When you get there it is a hole in the wall literally fortunately we were there mid morning so we managed to miss any types of crowds.  We ordered the standard fare a Chorizo Taco and  Veggie Taco along with 2 Lattes.  We grabbed a table and took a  sip of a pretty good Latte and awaited our Tacos.  At first glance it looks like an open face mess but once you make the wrap and take the bite it forms a great sweet, hot an spicy treat.  The one taco was just perfect it was one of those tastes that you were happy to have stay in your mouth for hours. 
After our meal we went back to roaming around Brooklyn and really coming to the conclusion that even we were to old to be there.  Maybe one day it will have better character but at least the have Whirlybird