Saturday, June 16, 2012

Michael Symon's Roast

Roast Downtown Detroit
What a stretch of great restaurants I have had the opportunity to dine at. This week in Detroit I found Iron Chef Michael Symon's Roast. Detroit is the opposite of most large cities in the US....... the economy has taken a major toll and has never really recovered. One thing you notice when you are downtown is that you are pretty much by yourself.

Stuffed Pasilla Chiles
Roast Kitchen Goat was on the Spit
Roast is all about the "Beast", today's Beast was Goat which was proudly spinning on the spit behind the glassed in kitchen none of us got that excited so we all passed. We started out with the stuffed Pasilla Chiles with Chorizo and topped with Feta Cheese,and a drizzle of Yia Yia sauce (Yia Yia Sauce is a Roast invented spicy sauce) perfect way to start the meal with some great heat, very flavorful. We followed this up with the Charcuterie which was made up with Chorizo, Lardo, Salumi, Prosciutto and Speck. The Prosciutto melted in our mouth. The entrees came up and I had the roasted Pork Shank with chili, kalamata olives and Agra sauce, what is wrong with me I cannot help but always try the Shank Du Juor. Trust me I wanted to find something else but the combo of the chiles and the kalamata olives teased my palette too much. One of my cohorts had the Lamb Ragu Papperdelle in which proclaimed as one of the best dishes he had ever eaten. Roast is well worth going to the Ambiance is open modern and casual. The service was great. I just had to think that this restaurant in any other city would have been packed