Saturday, June 30, 2012

Central Kitchen San Francisco

Beets small but pleasant
I Like it when you can watch them cook.... Performance Art
3 Cheese Lavosh
If you read my last post I marvelled how restauranteurs can come up with radically different concepts.  Central Kitchen is the cousin of Flour + Water  located around the corner. These restaurants are two individual eaterys with only one thing in common great quality.  Central Kitchen is located in the Mission District integrated into the Mission District urban renewal area.  It is surrounded by work live buildings.  This is one of San Francisco's new hip communities. 

Trotters Mark's Fav

The restaurant is open, light and breathes the Northern. California Outdoors  The Owner Chef Thomas McNaughton focuses his plates on California farm to table cuisine with great small plate ideas.  When you order here be prepared to be pleasantly surprised with something that is extraordinary.  I was there with some colleagues and we decided to go with Small plates We ordered the Trotters, 3 cheese Lavosh, the Ham Sandwich, Sea Bas and the Beets.  One by One, The Beets were great they had a blood orange sweet and tart glaze, colorful, tasty but not a lot of food.  Pig Trotters are always my favorite because of the Pig component, the green and white dollops set his dish apart on the taste index,each trotter melted in my mouth .  The 3 Cheese Lavosh could be a desert it has all the components of crunch, soft dairy and sweetness this is a must buy.  The strangest dish was the deconstructed Ham Sandwich, it was composed with bits of Crostini melded in with slivers of ham and white cheddar topped with a melange of greens.  Honestly the Ham was white and it looked like Turkey but I have to admit it was tasty.  The Sea Bass was moist and tender not ultimately memorable for distinct taste but a greatly prepared fish dish.  I think what i missed was a memorable taste buds bite.  Don't get e wrong it was really well done and most definitely hits the savory scale.

Sea Bass
Deconstructed Ham Sandwich
Central Kitchen has a great vibe...a Hipster Vibe.  The food is very good the scene is fun and the menu is different and prepared well.  We had great service so all in all pretty great meal experience.