Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brooklyn Girl San Diego

Brooklyn Girl
Porchetta Look at the Peaches and Arugula
San Diego over the last 2 years is slowly providing better places to enjoy a great meal.  Most of the good ones are not downtown but in the urban areas surrounding "Americas Finest City".  On Fathers Day, JoAnn took me to a new restaurant in Mission Hills Brooklyn Girl, this is the latest restaurant from the folks that owned La Jolla's Trattoria Acqua, Michael and Victoria McGeath.  What I find amazing is how great restauranteurs can go from one concept to another and pull it off so succesfully.  Brooklyn Girl (BGE) is a reference to Victoria whose roots hail from NYC, the head chef is Tyler Thrasher formerly from Oceanaire.  You know the restaurant that spawned (no pun intended) Brian Mularkey. 
Roasted Corn
Awesome Meatballs
First of all BGE is a cool place with a great feeling of being in the kitchen itself.  The cielings are high the art work is unique and the atmospere is very open an light.  What I like about BGE is that the menu is simple and concise, there is a plate for everyone to enjoy.  I had to try their Shishito Peppers which were prepared with a SeaSalt and a nice Soy based sauce.  The other Appetizer was a Asian Meatball with Slaw, I like to try different Meatballs and this was very unique it was smothered with a great pickled slaw that really enhanced the flavor.  If you are hungry this is the place to come because the plates are plentiful.  For the main dish we had the Porchetta which was accompanied with root veggies and topped with cold Peach slices and Arugula.  This is a memorable dish because the Peaches help blow this meal away.

Overall the experience at BGE was great the owner Victoria spent some time talking to us about her inspiration, her team and how they came upon the location and theme.  I wish this resturant was in my Neighborhood.  This is a winner for Mission Hills and San Diego.