Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shopsins in New York for Breakfast

This is it BTW this was a forbidden picture
Army Man Scramble
Sinful Pancakes nood good if you are a pre-diabetic
We love searching for Breakfast joints when we travel, this time I hit the gold rush with Shopsins General Store in New York City.  This very small eatery is in the Essex Street Market in the lower East Side.  We got there as it opened on Saturday morning set up our own table and waited for something to happen.  This place has attitude, I could not figure out how much was do it yourself and how much was be patient and wait.  Patience won out!!  There was one server and he was definitely a one thing at a time guy.  When he finally came over he brought the menu (check out the PDF Shopsins Menu in their link 200+ items you need to see it to believe the flavor combos) and we ordered coffee.  I asked him if I could take a picture of the cafe and he said if the owner saw me he would kick us out so as you can see i took one stealthy on the way out.  On to the food this menu is comprehensive it seems that over the years they have invented every possible flavor combination, for pancakes, eggs, grits, bread, meats... I could go on.  Anyway against my better body judgement I ordered their Original Slutty Cakes (pumpkin,peanut butter, pistachios, cinnamon and brown sugar), JoAnn had an egg dish with chorizo sausage (Picture tells a better story).  We really enjoyed Shopsins and the food was delicious, after we finished we did one lap around Essex Market and you could start to tell where the ingredients from Shopsins came from.