Saturday, May 26, 2012

Marco Canora's Hearth New York

Old Guy at Hearth
Dave hard at work
I love New York because I can fulfill the spirit of my blog which is reviews of Top Chef's while I am on the trail.  Marco Canora is one of Food Network's more likeable chef's and tonight we went to his flagship restaurant Hearth in East Village.  Hearth is very unassuming both inside and out, we elected to sit by the kitchen to get into some of the action.  I enjoyed my seat because I got to see Chef Dave get into each dish with so much detail.  Fred our server was over the top in customer service and he was a very knowledgeable guy.... quite efficient.  We started the evening with the Scallops and the Stracciatella (Spring Soup).  I love soup and this soup was perfect with fresh vegetables and just the right amount of seasoning Joann had the Scallop carpaccio which were perfect and sweet.  For the entrees, I had the Veal and Ricotta Meatballs (Big Surprise) which came with Spinach Cannelloni which was delicious.  JoAnn went with the Papardelle Pork Ragu with Rosemary, Ricotta and Peas.  This was an ample plate but was not something to remember.  We added a side of the Hen of the Wood Mushrooms which were cooked perfectly so that the were crisp, this was a highlight and something to remember.
Hen of the Woods and Papardelle
Veal Meatballs with Cannelloni

The couple that sat next to us ordered the Charcuterie of the day that was not even on the menu.  He told us he was one of the chef's from ABC Kitchen and recommended next time we go to Hearth to try the Charcuterie.

Charcuterie Chef's Recommendation

Hearth has great food some memorable some not, my big take away was that it was 20% more expensive than it should have been.  Other than that if you order right you should have a great meal.