Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day off in New York... The Modern

Tomas Saraceno Cloud City at the Met
Outside on 83rd The Scarface Bike
On Thursday I took the entire day off and spent the day with JoAnn and our friend Patricia.  We started off at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibition (not my choice but made the best of it).  This was set around a "what if" they were both to have a conversation about their creative influence.  The take away is that people are influenced by things you never think of, I guess that is why it is creative.  We also went to see the American Revolution exhibit which featured the famous George Washington crossing the Delaware which is 15 feet high by 23 feet wide (will not be going over our fireplace).  After that we went to the roof of the Met to appreciate the perfect day and to see the Tomas Saraceno interactive "Cloud City". 
Pork Belly Sausage at the Modern
We then walked from the Met to The Modern Restaurant at MOMA  50 blocks almost a death march especially with 2 ladies that are window shopping.  The Modern is strategically hidden so if you do not know it is there you will not find it almost like a secret club.  The restaurant is aptly named since t is very modern and clean  A little note it has one of those unisex restrooms that you have your own stall (hopefully sound proof).  These kind of freak me out a but but I have seen several over the last few months.  To the food, the menu is very simple mostly small plates, I had the Alsatian Soup which is really potato soup with cabbage.  This soup was delicious it had a very nice bite of bitter and was quite filling with that I had the pork belly sausage with stone ground mustard.  This is a great find and I will be back again.

Eataly Rooftop Service Sucks here

The Best Man
Times Square
We finished the day with a play our original play Seminar had been shuttered (found this out 15 minutes before 7pm) so we quickly found a substitute and ended up with highly discounted seats to the Gore Vidal's The Best Man with James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbury, John Larroquette, Candice Bergan and Eric McCormack. Very Entertaining and a great cast.