Sunday, April 22, 2012

Geoffrey Zakarian's The National

Plantain Soup those Fries were not mine but I did have one
The Next Iron Chef
This New York  trip I really lucked out because the office I was visiting was across the street from the Geoffrey Zakarian's The National.  Chef Zakarian was the latest winner of the next Iron Chef so it was a great opportunity to try lunch at his flagship restaurant.  I went there with a colleague and sat at the bar so we could watch the action in the restaurant and also to avoid getting a 2 top by the front door.  The National is a real New York business lunch hot spot.  There are a lot of folks in suits making very big decisions are selling very big deals.  But it is not too stiff!!  The lunch menu is a European Bistro selection.  I ordered at Plantain Soup and a Chicken Salad.  The Plantain soup was a great choice, it was a leek based stock pureed with Plantain.  It had heat from the Chorizo and sweetness from grapes.  It was served in a small stainless pot, overall it was delicious.  I had a Chicken salad that had couscous, thin slices of baby carrots and radishes with big chunks of fresh chicken.  Only drawback was that there was just a little bit too much mustard seed dressing.  Overall the lunch was very good.  The following day I went there for breakfast and had their red pepper omelet with spinach and feta cheese.  Not the most creative choice on my part but none the less very good.