Sunday, April 22, 2012

Becco in Hells Kitchen

Very nice way to start your meal
Stinging Nettle Soup Tastes Better than it looks
This week I was in New York and wanted to try some new restaurants.  I was staying on the West side at Ink48 and was looking for a place to eat the first night I was there.  The concierge and a lady who had written a book on Hell's Kitchen suggested Lidia Bastianich's Becco.  Becco is a busy restaurant but I was luck to score a great table a I walked in.  As I was eating I noticed the early-bird crowd was flowing out as new people flowed in.  The name Becco is derived from the Italian verb, beccare, which means to peck, nibble, or savor something in a discriminating way. Becco is the type of restaurant where you can get a high quality meal at a very fair price.  They started the meal out with a plate of bread, sweet pepper hummus and some great olives.  I ordered to start a bowl of the Stinging Nettle Soup which was the soup of the day, my guess this was less than 50 calories and very healthy.  Stinging Nettle is a cousin of poison ivy, it is blanched to remove the toxins and then prepared in a vegetable broth and topped with a dollop of soft cheese.  It was very tasty!!  Every entree comes with a Caesar Salad which is pretty decent.  My main course was braised veal shank served with farro tossed with butternut squash.  What I like about this veal shank besides how moist and flavorful it was, was that it did not come with the typical root vegetable melange.  It came on a bed of farrow with a tomato base Italian gravy.  Overall the meal was very good.  If you have a chance to go there look into their all you can eat pasta offering which allows you to choose any or all of three fresh daily pastas.  Overall I recommend Becco my only complaint is that the service is just OK not great.