Sunday, February 26, 2012

San Diego Breakfast at the Mission

Soy Chorizo Burrito
Plata Verde con Huevos
My wife and I have a deal to take my Shelby out every 2 weeks and try a new breakfast place locally.  So the first pick is The Mission in North Park and I started on a high note.  You know you have hit a great breakfast spot when there are folks standing outside waiting for a table.  These are not tourists these are the locals.  We got there put our name in, sat on the couch and read the paper till 2 spots opened up at the counter 20 minutes later.  Sitting at the counter allows you to interact more with the employees and get  better flavor of the environment.  This is a tough menu to choose from if you like Hispanic breakfast food because it all looks good.  Mine was an easy choice Soy Chorizo Breakfast Burrito with Black Beans, Scallions, New Potatoes and Chipotle Cream served in a whole Wheat Tortilla.  JoAnn had the Plata Verde con Huevos which was Sweet Corn Tamales, 2 Eggs Medium smothered in Tomatillo Sauce.  You do not go away Hungry here.  Our hostess Bridget was very attentive and helpful, I changed the order on her at the last minute for JoAnn because I had seen Plata Verde con Huevos and they looked real good.  Overall this is a great place and I would go back there again.