Sunday, February 26, 2012

Javiers, Dallas Texas

Javier's Bar
I have been going to Javier's since I was 27 years old and had never met Javier.  A matter of fact I thought he was fictional.  This week I was in Dallas and suggested to my friend that we go to Javiers.  As we were waiting I told them I had been coming to the restaurant for years and was on business from San Diego, she pointed out to this man and said "you know that is Javier".  I looked at him and thought it must be Javier Junior this guy looked too young.  Well I was wrong he opened the restaurant in 1977 and he and the restaurant has not changed that much since I first went there.  I know when I am there because when I get there parking is jammed with the latest most exotic cars. 
I go to Javier's because it brings back good memories of when my wife worked at Ginnie Johansen Deisgns and we would go there before a night on the town with the all girl sales force.  It was me, 2 other guys and 12 great looking women.  Anyway let's get back to dinner.  Javier has been able to keep the same menu for 30+ years and keep the restaurant full so I guess he has a few good things going for him.  One of them is the Black Bean Soup, there is not a soup like it anywhere and it has maintained it's great taste all these years.  The other is his Tortilla Chips and his warm Salsa's both Green and Red.  The Green starts off sweet on the tongue but ends up with some mild heat. All of Javier's menu would be viewed Continental Mexican and all his proteins are fantastic.  JT and I had the Mesquite Smoked Chicken, it was tender with loads of smokey flavor.  The  dish came with Mexican Rice, Black Beans a little Guacamole and a Chip, I was glad it was a little dark because the presentation is not that appetizing and the taste is not distinguishing.  It just does not complement his excellent entrees.  Javier's has a nice ambiance, it is warm and full of energy.  The service is efficient.  I recommend if in Dallas you try Javier's.