Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Years in San Francisco Cotogna and The Salt House

Porchetta at Cotogna
Over the holidays we spent some time in San Francisco to bring in the New Year. On New Years I took JoAnn to Cotogna, this was her first time so she was excited. Cotogna was voted as the best new restaurant in San Francisco for 2011. As usual Michael Tusk the owner/chef was the perfect host.  Cotogna is a great Rustic Italian restaurant which I wrote,up in 2011. We had a wonderful dinner and had a chance to talk to Michael and congratulate him on his success.  BTW I had the Porchetta and it was wonderful!! View my write up from 2011 Cotogna.

The Salt House

The following night we went to the Salt House over by Shaw Alley off Mission.  The restaurant is small and comfortable, not a lot of clutter and very open.  I had read up on the restaurant and the reviews of their signature appetizer Poutine which is Kennebec Fries smothered with Vermont Cheddar Curd and Short Rib Gravy and I wonder why my pants are tight.  Poutine is French/Canadian Junk Food and obviously not slimming but it is pretty good on a cold day.  Since it was the holiday I" have been enjoying the new non alcoholic carbonated drinks, I like the ones with citrus only issue they are laden with sugar.  I would describe the menu as exotic comfort food.  I do not mean Rattlesnake or Elk, I just mean finer cuts of meats and fish.  I had the pork cheeks and JoAnn had the Cod.  Overall the food was very good, we had some help with the menu from our server Josh who did his best to guide us in the right direction.  The Salt House was not special but it is worth trying again because of the overall quality.