Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flour and Water

Flour + Water from Eric Wolfinger on Vimeo.
Margherita Pizza better than Amici's
My Surf buddy Ray and our Friend Lori have been recommending Flour and Water in San Francisco to us for over a year.  Only problem without a car it is a pain to get to.  But this week the problem was solved I hitched a ride with my friends Robert and Mark and we got to experience the restaurant first hand.  This place is very popular and fills fast so fortunately we got a spot at the community table which I always enjoy.  At our table we had 3 young ladies out for a night on the town and a couple that strangely enough had common acquaintances.  The four of us decided to attempt to share plates, I ordered the Sunchoke Soup with Pancetta, Robert ordered the Sardines (guarantees no one wants to share that) Mark ordered the Pappardelle with slow cooked Veal.  The soup was great it had just the right amount of sweet, savory and acid, the pancetta enhanced the soup with a little salt and a nice crunchy bite.  Robert loved his Sardines and I have to admit they were quite colorful and Mark's Papperdelle was wonderful the veal melted in your mouth.  We then took the next series of small plates which included a Margherita Pizza, Squid Ink Pasta with Shell Fish, Watermelon and Chile.  Mark thought the Margherita Piza was good but not as good as Amici's, I thought it was better.  The Squid Ink Pasta was delicious it had a faint taste of licorice with the heat of the chile.  The last dishes were a Pork Casonsei which is a small delicate ravioli with amoretti and sage this could not have been more perfect and a Funghi Pizza with a baked egg in the middle (Thank You Ladies out on the town great suggestion).  Overall the meal was fantastic, the service was great and the company was engaging. I highly recommend to go there.