Thursday, December 22, 2011

From the XFactor Finale to Red O in Los Angeles

Queso Fundido

This was a big evening in Los Angeles we were lucky enough to receive tickets to the XFactor Finale (Go Josh) from our work colleague and friend Camille.  Several of us got to go to the live showing which included duets from Josh and Alanis Morrisette, Chris and Avril Lavigne and Melanie and RKelly.  Before the show Josh came out and greeted us with an individual fist pump.  Show was awesome, energy was huge and Simon Cowell appeared to be genuinely grateful for how much the aaudience participated.  90 minutes later we were off to RedO in West Hollywood.  My wife had highly recommended this and I thought we would give it a try.  RedO is a true Top Chef restaurant owned by Chef Rick Bayliss.  His flagship restaurant in Chicago, Fronterra is a very hard table to get because of it's popularity.  Rick Bayliss specializes in real Mexican Cuisine which emphasizes the tastes of the Chili. Well the interior is a stark contrast to the exterior.  The interior is warm, comfortable and very open.  Even though there are a lot of folks in the restaurant you never feel they are in your space.  The ladies ordered some of their famous mixed chili infused drinks and Margaritas and we started the night of with their Guacamole and Salsas and Quesos Fundidos with chicken, Hatch, Poblano and Pasilla Chilis.  We followed that up with a variety of Enchiladas, Both Ryan and I had the Short Rib, JoAnn had the Mary's Grilled Chicken Mole and Kavya had the Mary's Grilled Chicken sans the Mole.  Overall the review from everyone that their food was delicious. The chili sauces and the moles are second to none (unless you are in Mexico) the quality of the fillings are terrific, the black beans are cooked to perfection.  I was a little grumpy so my initial perception was dampened by the fact they forgot my Tortilla Soup, it was then luke warm and at the end of the day I have had much better in Santa Fe.  But once I got over that I was in agreement with the rest of our table.  The only mark on service was the soup, the wait staff was very attentive and did a good job.  I recommend RedO it is fun, very good atmosphere and not over the top when it comes to price.