Monday, October 3, 2011

Great in Denver

Frank's Salumi
In the past I have always struggled finding great restaurants in Denver.  Not really Denver's fault, I had not really spent the right amount of research time.  Frank Bonano is one of Denver's renown Owner/Chef and has a group of restaurants.  We decided to go Italian and Luca D'Italia was our choice.  I have to admit this was a home run.  If you are a reader of this blog you know I have been to some world class Italian restaurants.  The restaurant ambiance is more of a modern Italian venue, what I really liked it had tall ceilings and was quiet. 
Let's get to the food, we decided to create our own tasting menu by ordering smaller plates.  We started with Frank's Salumi Plate which was a combination 5 home cured meats.  Each of the meat had a different flavor and consistency, my favorite was the smoke pork pate it was especially sinful with the bread and lardo spread.  When I see meatballs on an Italian menu I cannot pass them by without trying them.  My benchmark are the ones from Osterio Morini.  These meatballs were good and provided a little heat, very enjoyable.  We then ordered the Malfada which is a wild boar ragu, the Taleggio Agnolotti which had sweet corn and shaved truffle (pretty yummy), Pappardelle Bolognese the house special and Duck Ravioli.  The meal was great, the service was great overall it was a very good eating experience.