Sunday, October 30, 2011

Alan Wong's Honolulu Must

Birthday Dinner
10 years ago our friends Dale and Aileen introduced us to Alan Wongs Restaurant in Honolulu on King Street.  Alan Wong is a Top Chef and has enjoyed that Status for the last 20 years.  The restaurant is in a small office building on the second floor.  There are no real views of the beach but the food is the best on the Island.  I do not think the restaurant ever is empty so make a reservation 3 weeks in advance.  The interior of the restaurant has not changed in 10 years except for some lighting additions.  They have recently introduced iPads for you to select alcoholic beverages.  To be honest they really should get rid of them since they really serve no purpose. This was my birthday dinner and like always JoAnn had selected a great eating venue.

Let's get to the food I started out with Smoked Kahlua pork with Manila Clams which is served in a large foil bag that is punctured at your table to release an aromatic smoked steam.  This dish is a signature appetizer because it combines such strange bedfellows Kahlua Pork and Clams.  It is very tasty though!!  JoAnn had the Lobster Dumplings in a fish broth.  For the main Entree I had the Paella Special that had Lobster, Ono, Clams, Shrimps and Scallops in a Spicy Spanish Tomato Rice and Sauce.  JoAnn had Steamed Opakapaka in a fish broth. 
Since it was my Birthday I had desert.  they brought us this great Creme Brulee and we ordered a Candy Bar Crunch.  Alan Wong's has introduced rare coffees served in a press, this is a great idea if you like to try rare coffees and inmost cases a good substitute for an after dinner drink.  Overall the night was great the service was just OK they lost my personalized menu which was disappointing but the food made up for all that.
After Kahlua Pork and Clams Exposed
Before Kahlua Pork and Clams