Saturday, September 3, 2011

Santa Fe Weekend

Chef/Guide MArco
From time to time I write about spectacular weekends in great places. We used to own a home in Santa Fe and have not been back since February 2009. Santa Fe has many world class eating establishments My friend Fritz and I went to a couple but did not partake in their dinner menus. I got their late Friday afternoon and Fritz and I went to one of the better restaurants in town Coyote Cafe We went to the cantina and enjoyed the fish tacos. I flew out to hang out with Patricia and Fritz and go fishing and a play golf. On Saturday morning we got up at 6:30 and headed to Pecos to meet with our Guide Marcos. This is the second time I have gone Fly Fishing with a guide and it is the only way to go. All I am required to do is put the fly in play keep the rod tip up, mend occasionally and catch fish. Over 8 hours I hooked 14 and caught 7 of them. Our guide Marcos not only was a great trout strategist he was also a pretty good cook. He cooked chicken tenders,white corn and zucchini. Fritz hooked the biggest trout of his life but our guide was not available to net it. Oh I forgot to tell you that Fritz is the real Dos Equis guy, the most interesting man in the world. After a day of fishing we were exhausted and had to get ready for our big golf day. Fritz is a member of Las Campanas Country Club and we played their challenging Sunset Course, golf was great but the PGA tournament became the star of the day. We went to Rio Chama and sat at the bar and enjoyed the final holes of one of the best tournaments is many years. This was a great weekend and I look forward to do it again next year.