Saturday, July 30, 2011

Great Chinese in San Jose

I love Chinese food but since I went on my diet 2 years ago I just gave it up. Well I just discovered that real Chinese food is not always fried or fattening. Of course my favorites are all the things that are bad for you like BBQ Pork, Fried Rice you know what I mean. Lesson learned here that the reason the Chinese are healthier than us is that most of the foods they eat are steamed and consist of either chicken, fish or green vegetables. We were fortunate to be with the Fai Lee head chef's brother so we were treated to a royal feast. Once I got my sinful cravings out of the way "PORK" we were served these delicious whole shrimps that could be eaten whole or by removing the greatly seasoned meat. The next dish was a seasoned steamed Chicken that had slivered green and red spicy Chile's with a delicate ginger sauce. We were then served these awesome scallops in a Mango Foie Gras sauce, it is as good as it sounds. The next plate was filled with greens in a light flavorful broth. The final dish was a steamed whole fish is a perfect fish stock it was delicate and moist. We were treated by the Chef's special desert which was mango soup with Egg Yolk Dumplings.
Overall we were all impressed with the great spices and ingenuity of each of the signature dishes.
By the way we went back the next day for Dim was just as good!