Friday, April 8, 2011


I do not think people look at me and say wow that guy sure is hip. Well when I went to Starlite in San Diego I felt pretty hip. You have to be referred here if you want to find it you just don't go driving down this area near the airport and say gee whiz I think I will find a restaurant here. We went there with our foodie friends on the advice of my wife who had been to Starlite several weeks back. From the outside you really do not expect much but when you walk in it is like going back in time to the 60's where you had real rock walls and slats of redwood making some geometric shape. This place has a coolness vibe found in cities like San Francisco. Enough with the coolness let's get to the important stuff Food and Service.

Heather was our server and shed did a pretty good job in providing us a good idea of what was yummy. We started out with some Apps which included Olives and Pistachios (I thought they were almonds until I bit down it was kind of dark), Sausage Board which had house made honey walnut Duroc pork sausage and some selected salamis and some french fries (my friend Ray always orders these because he is so fit he can afford to). Sounds like a pretty good start and it was. Ray and I had their famous burger (not the most adventuresome in retrospect) and a side salad with speck. The Salad was great the burger was good. I should have ordered what my wife ordered the Crispy Skin Jidori Chicken with chickpeas and cucumbers, veggies and baby artichokes. This dish was delicious the chicken was tender and juicy and the sauce was light and tasty. Ray's wife went with the mac and cheese which is kind of hard to screw up. Even the stuff in the box tastes great if you cook it with butter. Ray the skinny guy ordered a chocolate mousse to share, it was very tasty.