Monday, April 4, 2011

Hamming it up in San Francisco

A bunch of Hams. That picture above are the prosciutto curing.

This week I was in San Francisco and was treated to a unique dining experience. How often do you get an eduction while out to dinner. I was invited guest at a team dinner at North Beach Restaurant We dined in their Prosciutto curing room. Here is what I learned, Prosciutto takes 9 months to cure, you have to have a license, you first take a pork leg and you press it under weight for 2 weeks during this time it ferments while losing most of it's moisture you then brine it for an addition week. After that process it is hung in a well ventilated room for 8 months. Each leg is worth $2000. Let's get to the food. Each person started with their home cured prosciutto, hand made mozzarella, tomatoes and a langostino. The prosciutto lived up to it's billing and everyone enjoyed their plates. I had the Veal Osso Buco for my entree, there was no shortage of food on my plate or any other plate on the table. I had 3 small shanks with a great sauce made of veal and vegetable reduction and tomatoes. There was spinach and a small square of polenta on the plate. Brian sitting next to me let me taste his lamb and it was tender and flavorful. Overall the experience was outstanding, the food was good old fashion Italian, the service was spot on and everyone enjoyed the evening.