Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Prospect

This week I was in San Francisco for a meeting and wanted to get together with my local team. One of my team members suggested  Prospect which is across the street from our office on Spear. Prospect is a relatively new restaurant with an allstar team of Pam Mazolla, Ravi Kapur, Nancy Oakes and Kathy King. The team is highly renowned including many awards like Chef Oakes James Beard Rising Star Chef Award. The restaurant has a contemporary look and feel that is very open and incorporates natural wood finishes lit by natural light with wall to ceiling windows. We got there a little early so we decided not to wait and immediately took our table. Our server Sheena was there within a minute to offer us drinks. We immediately ordered an appetizer to satiate our appetite. Our first round was Crispy Pig Trotters which was shaved pigs head (savory shaved pig's head prosciutto) which accompanied a panko fried croquette of pork, peanut, chili's topped with lime aioli. It was unique and very tasty. Since our third was running late we tried the Foie Gras Torchon which was a a slab of sinful Foie Gras that you combined with a Whiskey Aspect Jelly and Kumquat Compote on Toasted Wheat Bread. This dish was like eating buttery, salty, whisky bites with a sweet fruity finish. Wow so far we are only on Appetizers. Our Third arrived and we ordered our Entrees. I had the Local Goat Mixed Roast which was accompanied by Sunchokes, Butter Beans laid on a Black Garbanzo and Garlic paste. The goat was very tender and was presented as a tenderloin, roulade and Goat Belly the sauce was too bland for my taste and probably could have been picked up by the addition of chili paste. (I am being an Arm Chair Chef) One work mate had the Rib Eye which he felt the taste was great but the cut of meat was a little grisly and our third had the Duck with Pickled Grapes and Rum Raisin Puree which he proclaimed was delicious and the best duck he had ever had. We wrapped up our meal with the Caramel Pop Corn which was infectious and Coffee. Oh I almost forgot, their bread is amazing and guess what it is not sourdough!! Overall our highlights were our Server Sheena and the service, the appetizers, the quality, taste and tenderness of the Goat, the "Best" Duck and the Popcorn. I will go back again soon and try something different. I believe there is a Prospect of a home run here.