Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seattle Treat

Steelhead Diner near Pikes Street Market was one of the restaurants on my list in Seattle. It is one of the few fine restaurants on my list that are open in Seattle on Monday night. The owner/chef Kevin Davis has a a history of working and creating for great restaurants. This was a short walk from the Alexis Hotel on a chilly night. A colleague of mine joined me for dinner to try this highly recommended restaurant. The Steelhead is really a diner. It has a great look and feel of a 60's diner with an upbeat bar area. We started with the crab cakes it took a few minutes to get to the table but when they came they were delicious, large chunks of crab with a great aioli. We both ordered the chowder on the recommendation of our server. While waiting we enjoyed their great bread and caught up on some business meetings for the next day. 10 minutes passed then 20 then after flagging her down the chowder finally came. The soup was as advertised it was awesome. It had a drizzle of truffle oil and even though truffle is over used it really made a difference to the chowder by giving it a bit of bite. For dinner entree our server had recommended the Black Cod, this was served in a broth scented with ginger and served over Bok Choy. By far this is the best piece of fish I have ever had, it was firm, moist and buttery. Overall the Steelhead is quite a find.