Saturday, September 4, 2010

Las Vegas Italian

I have been going to a lot of Italian restaurants lately, Sirio Ristorante  was our client's pick. In hearing that I was a little dissapointed because City Center has some great restaurants I wanted to try. Sirio is in the Aria Hotel that is part of MGM's City Center. Sirio is the creation of the Sirio and Mario Maccioni, the family has been part of the Vegas restaurant scene since 1998 when they brought their 2 New York restaurants to the Bellagio, Le Cirque and Osteria del Circo. It has the feel of a cosmopolitan New York restaurant with the a large bar and casual dining area in front and the formal dining area in the back.
Lets get to the service and food. The service at first was a little confusing we had one waiter come to us with the specials in which he described several dishes, one was their standard Veal Chop with a Balsamic Glaze but in addition melted melange of 3 cheeses and shavings of Black Truffle. The other waiter came over to take our orders and when 2 of the guests inquired about the dish he seemed confused and had no idea it was available. After several minutes of discussion indeed it was available for a slight $45 premium, Sold!! to 2 of us. I had the OssoBuco di Vitello and the other guest had the Sea Bass with Langostino. Except for the snafu during the initial order the service was beyond great. For starters we all had either their Tomato Soup, Caesar or Beet Salad the quality and the taste were very good. I was looking forward not only to my Osso Buco but my Buddie's Veal Chop. Fortunately for me my buddy is very generous and he allowed me to take a bite out of his decadent Veal Chop with Black Truffle. The only statement I can make is WOW! Even though the Meat and Fish dishes were terrific the vegetables and the starch accompaniments were fresh cooked to perfection. You can probably tell by now that the overall dining experience was outstanding. So if you are in Vegas roll the dice and go to Sirio it is a splurge but it is worth it.