Saturday, September 4, 2010

Finally Vacation -- First Stop Boulder

I have been struggling to find great restaurants in the Denver area. I know they are there but I have not been able to find them. So I was excited when I heard from several folks that the place to go was Frasca  in Boulder. Frasca is the creation of Bobby Stuckey M.S. and Lachlan MacKinnon-Patterson both with a Thomas Keller pedigree. This establishment is a James Beard Foundation Award Winning Restaurant (Southwest). The restaurant is on Pearl Street a few Blocks away from the Mall area. Frasca is a modern spacious restaurant that appears large because of the floor to ceiling windows that look out over Pearl Street.

There are several highlights of Frasca the service is very good. During my meal my napkin fell on the floor and within 5 seconds a new one appeared on my lap. The food started out great we ordered a Salumi and Cheese plate that featured some of their cured Salami and some special Prosciutto's from Italy. I love Prosciutto and this by far was some of the best I had ever had. Next we had a variety of starters I had a Veal Bolognaise, my wife had the Beet Salad, my Friend's wife had the chilled Gazpacho and my Friend had ravioli stuffed with herbed Goat cheese. All the Primis were perfect. Here is where I made my mistake I should have stopped with the Primis but I got greedy and went for the Secondis. I ordered the Grilled Prime Rib Eye and my wife ordered the Swordfish. Both meals were sub par the Swordfish was overcooked and the Beef was more like a snack if it were not for the vegetables and the unique starches the Secondis would have been a waste. Frasca is expensive and if it were not for the opportunity to see our friends it would not have been worth it.