Saturday, August 28, 2010


Seattle has some great restaurants if you Google the top 10 restaurants in Seattle you get 10 great choices. Fortunately I was there on a Monday so my choices for restaurants went down to 3 pretty good eateries. I chose Spinasse Capital Hill and it was a great choice. The restaurant is small and the interior is what you would think you would find in a rural town in Northern Italy. At this restaurant all you can do is talk about the food you start out with a Bruschetta slathered in butter and anchovy fillet. I do not like Anchovies and really had to be coaxed into eating it but I do not regret it at all We had a few starters Olives, Eggplant with mint vinaigrette and a Salumi plate with orange zest. The Eggplant with mint vinaigrette was refreshing and tasted great. For the main dish I had homemade Tagliatelle with shredded pork that is slow roasted in milk which makes it melt in your mouth, it was delicious. My guest had Rabbit Meatballs that were wrapped in pancetta and then roasted with horseradish. I got a taste of this dish and again another fantastic meal. Chef Jason Stratton has done a great job with Spinasse the food is gaining all sorts of awards and accolades. Overall I rate this restaurant as a must eat in s-EAT-tle.