Sunday, August 15, 2010

Phoenix Heat

Two weeks ago I was introduced to T.Cooks at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa . T.Cooks has that great style of the southwest, traditional adobe with both raw adobe block and diamond plaster walls and weathered vigas supporting the ceiling. The chef Lee Hillson is a very accomplished chef and has recieved has recieved "Top Restaurant" ratings from Zagat Overall this is an elegant restaurant more geared for couples. For those of you who have gone to eat with me I look for 3 things, ambiance, service and food quality. If the either of the latter 2 go bad then it is all bad. T.Cooks is a solid restaurant, the ambiance is great, the service is great and the food is good. I had the Paella which on the menu looked great but in the end was just OK, unfortunately there was way too much sausage and the end result was too salty. My dinner guest had the Halibut which seemed to be a great choice, it was cooked perfectly. One of the outstanding mentions was their house salad and their refreshing ice tea. Overall I would go again and try one Lee Hillson's outstanding looking meals.