Sunday, July 4, 2010

Porking Out

On the way to the DeYoung Museum we decided to take the Muni to Haight Ashbury before our 10:30am assigned tour of the Impressionist installation to find a good place for Breakfast. We got off at Cole Street and walked 4 blocks to the Haight. At 10am on a Saturday there are not a lot of places to grab breakfast it seems the area is still waking up after a hard night of partying. But we were luck to trip into a great little cafe called Pork Store Cafe This cafe has been around since 1980ish but the store front goes back to 1916 when it was originally a butchers shop. It does not seat very many people and we were lucky to have perfect timing to get a table. You walk in and it is a small pink cafe with old Haight Ashbury summer festival posters on the wall. I had a Chorizo scramble that was delicious, my wife had the feta and Spinach scramble. Both meals were great the coffee was perfect and the service was perfect. If you are in San Francisco I highly recommend this cafe, try to sit at the counter.