Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blanca es Feo--OUT OF BUSINESS

Last night we went to dinner at Blanca I have been waiting for 4 weeks to go since I read about it in the San Diego Union Tribune. We went there to celebrate Mothers Day and all of us were disappointed for different reasons. Let's start with the positives we made our reservations using Open Table they sat us down when we walked in and we were given a drink menu that included a wine list and bar drinks. From there it went down hill it must have been 10 minutes before our water glasses were then filled and our waiter came back with our menus and took our drink orders. The drink orders came soon but the busboy decided to pour sparkling water in my partially filled tap water glass. Ten minutes later the waiter came back to take our orders for the Chino's green salad and our entrees. My salad was good, my table companions however felt it was just OK. On to the entrees, My wife and I shared the Jidori Chicken which came with Smoked Polenta and Chino Carrots our daughter ordered the Tagliatelli. Thirty minutes after we finished our salads the entrees came out but they unfortunately brought a different pasta dish other than the Tagliatelli they apologized, took it away only come back minutes later to offer it as a snack until they made the Tagliatelli. The consensus at the table was that the food was well intentioned but bland. The Polenta was like creme of wheat with no smokiness, the carrots were great, I liked the chicken but my wife thought it was just cooked well but lacked any spectacular taste. The long awaited tagliatelli tasted just like Noodle Roni, very disapointing. The saving grace was the desert a Cool Lemon Souffle with Beet Sorbet. At the end of the meal they asked how we enjoyed it and I told the young lady that it appeared that they struggled servicing all the tables in a timely manner. She seemed surprised which summarizes my experience at Blanca "Mal Sorprender". It is highly doubtful this chef will be vying for Top Chef soon.