Monday, November 12, 2018

Big Birthday Celebration in Austin

I wanted to celebrate my wife's 39th birthday some where that she had not been to in a long time and that was Austin Texas.  Austin has become one of the fastest growing cities in the US due to the many companies that have moved there and new companies that have spawned themselves out of UT and the demand for tech solutions.  With growth comes great food.  Ten years ago Austin was only really known for Barbecue and Tex-Mex.  But today there are at least 10 restaurants with national attention and 25 more that are truly fantastic.  With all those choices I went to my trusty James Beard award list and settled on Barley Swine whose Chef Owner is Bryce Gilmore is a 2018 James Beard  Semi-Finalist.

Since it was such a big night we went for the 10 course tasting menu and asked to be sat at the chef's counter to see all the action in the kitchen.  My wife also paired each of the dishes with wine (Picture of menu at end with pairings) so I became the designated driver. 
Our server Cameron was a Barley Swine veteran and was very knowledgeable about the menu and the thought that went in to each of the dishes.  Tasting menus require an open mind and you will have to eat something that you are not quite use to.
Squid Slaw, really
We started with an amuse-bouche of hamachi in a cold spicy tomato broth,  fresh a good way to start the meal.  I ordered a fun cocktail Thai One On made of gin, coconut milk and lemongrass it was perfect refreshing drink for the upcoming meal.  While waiting for our drinks, another little nibble came to the table which was a play on the chicken and the egg, deviled egg on a chicken skin crackling.  Deviled eggs definitely is not something I eat at all but your there, you try it, you love it, yumm.

Finally the first course came out Blue Claw Crab with shishito and habanada.  It was a crab salad with slices of habanaro and a shishito gelato.  It was cool, spicy, veggie, creamy, overall very tasty.  Second course was a Squid slaw with avocado puree, cucumber and sesame sticks.  Not often you see slaw and squid but it was another hit, especially like the sesame stick it added some texture and some roasted nuttiness.  

Next was a shishito pepper stuffed with
Chef Nick overlooking the kitchen
cheese and deep fried or a Fried shishito pepper tamale.  You take some lime give it a squirt and pop it into your mouth.  It was crunchy, medium spicy and creamy all at the same time, a really cool cooking idea. 

Marinated shrimp was up next shrimp ceviche that becomes part of a shrimp salad with apple and lemongrass with a rye crisp to add texture and flavor.

As you can start seeing the entire menu is something you would never come up with yourself.  I feel I am a creative cook, but honestly these ingredients put together change the dynamic of each component to make a very unique taste.  This is when you know you are dealing with a great chef and team.
 Next up, Red Snapper with mustard greens and basil that is then covered with
Miso Tea on snapper
a steaming Miso tea.  Not only is this a beautiful creation it is also what I would call performance cooking, where you take several components together and add another while table side to make an completely new dish.  This is a 2 part dish where you first eat the fish then swirl the Miso tea and drink it.  Very satisfying!
Time for another off menu amuse-bouche a bite spoonful filled with a shitake dumpling, shitake mushroom, watercress and other goodness. 
Mushroom dumpling
love dumplings but this took it to a new level with the mushroom and the creamy egg scramble all in a spoon bite.

Now we move into the bigger bites and we started with smoked quail with yogurt, quince and granola. I am not really a fan of eating quail but this was delicious.  It was the second time we had it this year, the first time was when Dominique Crenn served it at Beast and now here we have it again just as good as the first time and add it with the granola you get a contrast in texture and an addition of some nuttiness.  The yogurt and fruit served as a contrast in temperature which I think should be done more often.  the quail was perfectly cooked and very easy to eat and enjoy.
Smoked Quail

We finished the main meal with Dry aged Akausha ribeye which I suspect was sous vide first then roasted.  The Akausha beef comes from the
Beef and Tater Tots
Japanese brown cow, it is considered wagyu.  Although it was very flavorful it was not as tender as I thought it would be.  The dish came with deep Fried crisp tater tots that gave some texture and there was a bone marrow cream sauce.  Overall a lot of meaty flavor very rich and tasty.

Not one but 2 desserts first was the Texas tarragon panna cotta with apple and cardarmom, I loved it!  the second was Butternut mousse, mixed with oats and fenugreek ice cream.  Fenugreek is an herb and i guess it has
Fenugreek Ice Cream
become trendy to use it in ice cream.

Barley Swine is well worth going just for a meal or to experience the Chef's counter and the tasting menu.  It was great to celebrate another one of wife's 39th birthdays there, I think great food keeps her young.

The Reverend
The night kept on going and we ended up at the Continental club for an amazing night of Rockabilly with Reverend Horton Heat and drinking spicy Dos Equis.  We were 5 feet from the stage and the reverend put on an amazing show till 1 am.  This guy had swagger!
the menu and pairings

Sunday, November 11, 2018

San Diego North County Best Food Choices

Campfire S mores table side
We live in San Diego where for the most part there are very few great restaurants with creative chefs and menus.  Sure there are some beautiful big restaurants with big views and great decor many of these places serve steak, Mexican cuisine, seafood, with little or no creativity.  They cater to the many business dinner and lunch meetings our convention center generates.  Over the last several years there have been some chefs wanting to do their own restaurant moving up to North County San Diego.  The rents are less and the demographic is trending to younger folks looking for the coastal life but at lower costs. 
Over the last 2 weeks we have discovered 2 great new restaurants Campfire in Carlsbad and Dija Mara in Oceanside.  The experience in these 2 restaurants could not be more different but the food is great.  They both have one thing in common beautifully presented tasty food and great cocktails.

Campfire in Carlsbad
Beet cocktail
During the last 3 weeks we have been to Campfire twice, it is located in Carlsbad which is slowly transforming to an updated comfortable and usable coastal village.   Campfire is housed in a large wood lodge where the bar and the kitchen are the showcase of the restaurant.  Everything is out in the open, the kitchen is glassed in with a huge fire roasting area which adds to the warm comfortable atmosphere.  this restaurant is large and each time we go it is very busy.   We go to a lot of great restaurants that serve great food, these are great finds in our own backyard.

Campfire is one of those restaurants where you can order a cocktail and lots
of small and medium plates and walk out happy.  We like grazing so it was our mission to try some of the very creative drinks and dishes.  The cocktails served here are out of this world.  Who ever heard of a cocktail made from roasted beets, gin and ginger, we had to dive in and enjoy this earthy, spicy, sweet drink.  It was delicious!  If you are looking for a more refreshing drink try a Aloe Black with tequila, cucumber and lemon.  I am not sure who started the trend but combining roasted vegetable and fruit pulp with alcohol and herbs is a genius.
Potato Brava

Beet Salad
Here are some experiences and tastes of the 2 meals we have had here.  Caution do not try to eat this much by yourself it will require 2 or 3 sittings.  I have already told you that we are beet fans so obviously we started out with the roasted beet salad with basil, snap peas, chili, avocado and  harissa yogurt.   Here is the taste in order first you get the earthy but sweet beet in the center of your tongue next the chili and harissa goes right to the side of the tongue and give a little heat with the avocado taming the spice for really a very great bite.  Our next bite was the potato which was a play on patatas bravas with smashed sweet new potatoes, celeriac, garlic aioli and peppers.  This was light and tasty not a heavy dish of potatoes. Our next plate was the roasted broccoli with chermoula which is a mid-eastern marinade with a combination of spicy, tart and sweet ingredients and candied peanuts.  The broccoli has a meaty part and then you get to the flower which when cooked properly can become a little crunchy and crispy This is one of those dishes that you never thought anyone could create with broccoli but here you go something that is delicious.
Seafood Pozole
The medium plates you can share or you can just eat it yourself.  Seafood pozole verde is one of my favorite dishes of the year.  When I hear the word pozole I immediately think of a spicy comfort stew typically with chicken or pork. In this case it was my favorite style of stew but with mussels, scallops and fish topped with colorful radish and avocado to provide some cooling of the spice.  There is a tiny bit of work to this dish because I like to remove the seafood from the shell and then mix it up into the stew and enjoy.  This dish does not disappoint, the seafood is plentiful and after sharing a couple of appetizers it hits the spot.
The other dish is the smoked duck which sits on top of a citrus-sweet potato puree, farro and topped with roasted carrots and herbs.  The duck was cooked perfectly the dish in a bite was so flavorful.  This is a dish that would be very difficult to cook at home because of all the ingredients which is the reason I was so glad I ordered it.
The dessert is all about Campfire's vibe and the overall experience.   S mores that are self-made at your table.  You get the ingredients marshmallow, graham crackers, chocolate and a iron bowl of embers.  The Marshmallow is on a stick you all battle for a spot over the fire to melt your marshmallow and you make your own dessert.  What a great way yo finish a great meal.

Dija Mara in Oceanside
Dija Mara
Dija Mara is a newer restaurant focused on Asian influences with a Chef Ryan Costanza with a huge pedigree working with Chef Dominique Crenn and others in San Francisco.  Each of the dishes were beautifully presented on individual dishes,  Dija Mara is a small restaurant on coast highway in Oceanside.  They focus on small plates and encourage sharing.  The menu has something for everyone.  the bar choices are unique in that they have some great infused cocktails, unusual wine choices and a very refreshing choices of ciders and beer
Squash Gado
We started out with Squash Gado which is an Indonesian warm salad,
Japanese sweet potato, variations of squash, bonito flakes and peanut ghee, topped with edible flower petals.  When the plate is brought out the bonito flakes are moving as if they are alive, it is startling at firs.  The Japanese sweet potatoes paired with the bonito flakes created a smokey sweet treat.
Short Rib Rendang
We followed this with the Laksa which is a Malaysian soup with prawn, Chinese sausage and chicken on a bed of egg noodles and topped with veggies and a sous vide egg.  This was rich full of goodies and spicy warm, perfect for a cool evening.  The great tastes hit every bit of my tongue.  Our last savory plate was the short rib  Rendang which is a traditional dish of Indonesia.  The short ribs were moist and tender and sat on a bed of jasmine rice, with lots of veggies regular and pickled.  This is a very hearty dish with a little heat

Brownie and coconut Ice Cream
It was our anniversary so we decided on a warm brownie smothered in coconut sorbet and a sprinkle of black sesame.  At first we both questioned the combination thinking it might be to sweet but all we can say is it was wonderful.  The brownie was nice and warm the coconut sorbet was cool and the sesame added some crunch.  Thanks to our server Victoria for the food advice

Sunday, July 15, 2018

PDX Gourmet Weekend

Chefs Naomi Pomeroy and Dominique Crenn

Our Food and Wine Experience in Portland

I am really liking my Marriott points because it allows us to take advantage of the Marriott Moments program.  This time I bid on an entire weekend in Portland that included 3 nights at the HiLo Hotel, a specially curated dinner at Ox, a day excursion in the Willamette Valley with Advanced Sommelier Chris Lara and a 10 Chefs for 10 Year Celebration at Beast Hosted by Chef Naomi Pomeroy with Guest Chef #6 Dominique Crenn.  This weekend had potential of really being very memorable. 
PDX is easy to get to there is a nonstop flight there daily on Southwest and since I have a Companion Pass and A-List Preferred it is an easy decision.
Egg Nachos at Mothers
We arrived on Saturday and it is an awesome day, we had left early in the morning so by the time we got there we were hungry decided to go to brunch.  I have this great spot for Brunch called Mothers Bistro, they have some tasty breakfast dishes therefor it is a very popular place so we put our name in and took a hike around several blocks just to Portland Outdoor Store, it is over 100 years old and full of the finest outdoor clothing and gear, they have plenty of helpers in the store and I bet some of them had been there for over 50 years.  after some hiking we got back to Mothers to be seated.  This is my second time at Mothers and I love their breakfast foods because they use a lot of Pork and throw a little heat into their dishes.  We started our with a Bourbon Slushy which was a great way to counter the heat, mine was thick like a slurpy and tasted like a Mango Mai Tai, what a great way to start.  I ordered the special Nachos with Scrambled Eggs, Carnitas, Salsa and Chips... Perfect... Wow I loved this dish.  After our Brunch we took a stroll to the get oriented and burn a little time.  Our hotel the HiLo was very convenient to the Portland Saturday Market in the Old Chinatown area and under Burnside Bridge.  It is a mixture of food, crafts and stuff that eventually ends up in a garage sale.  But it was a great day and a\there was a lot of energy there.  
Ox A Carnivores Dream
Dungeness Bruschetta

First Adventure Ox

The first part of food experience was at Ox Restaurant.  Ox is very difficult to get in, it has been nominated for several James Beard Awards and was one of two restaurants that are on my PNW bucket list.  At the restaurant we met our Host for the weekend Elle Jarvis from @revelexperiences and our Wine expert Chis Lara.  Both Elle and Chris have a passion for food and Wine so they were the perfect people to lead us.  Our group for the
weekend was small, there was only one other couple enjoying the experience so we got a lot of personal attention. The others in the group were Joan Doan @joandoan Fashion Influencer and Ben Xiang Food Entrepreneur from SoCal.  All of us were ready eat, drink, experience, learn and have fun.  
OX Roasting Guide
Bodega Catena Zapata
Lets talk about Ox, we started out with an Amuse Bouche of Bodega Catena Zapata.  The winery is 110 years old and one of the most renowned wine in South America.  Elle and Chris  met at a tour of the winery 2 years before, they stayed in touch and collaborated on the experience to include the wines to be paired with our dinner.  
Cauliflower Soup with a dash of Chile oil it was rich and creamy and a nice way to start our carnivorous adventure.  Tonight we were eating Family Style and sharing a selection of wines from the famed Mendoza winery  
Spicy Beef Empanadas

Baby Carrots
The First Course was made up of five selections and two Chardonnays from the winery.  The evening also was a chance for Chris and Elle to tell us why they picked these wines to pair with the course selections.  I had three highlights from the first course.  I love Empanadas and Chimichurri I first experienced Empanadas in Argentina 10 years ago, they are standard fare in Argentina.  Ours was stuffed with Spiced Beef, with great crust a little Chimichurri it was the perfect bite.  I also really enjoyed the Smoked Beef tongue a la Vinagreta. I have never had Beef Tongue so was apprehensive, but with the bite of the Horseradish Crema and Sweetbread Croutons it was a wonderful taste.  The last bite I really enjoyed was the Braised Tripe and Octopus terrine.  Another first for me eating tripe but it was spongy in texture and the octopus just melted in my Catena Zapata, Adrianna Vineyard "White Bones" 2013, Chris showed us the area it is grown and the pile of white rocks that
Endive Salad
intermix with the soil so the roots can grow in the gaps between the white rocks.  This was probably one of the best Chardonnays I have had.
mouth.  Is that even possible?  The sauce was spicy with a hint of mint with little fingerling chips on top.  What a wonderful way to start the meal.  My favorite wine was the
Roasted Rib Eye

The Second Course consisted of seven meats and vegetable dishes and three wines, is that even possible to eat and drink.. Yes! One of my favorites was the Maple Brined Pork Loin which was also a table favorite.  They brine the pork for 48 hours and then Roast it.  The Brining creates moist and tender pork loin and a infused maple flavor, what a great dish.  I also enjoyed the Maple Glazed Heirloom Carrot dish, it was sweet and savory, could have sworn it was a yam dish because of sweet rich taste of Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec Nicolas Catena Zapata 2010.

Tripe and Octopus
the carrots.  Of course we enjoyed the awesome roasted Rib Eye and Flank Steak it was cooked medium rare and caramelized from the perfect roast and paired with Chimichurri.   My last favorite was the Belgian Endive salad with fresh Cherries and Blue cheese it was a great way to cleanse the palette and experience another great taste without filling up.  Chris paired this with a combination of Malbac and Cabernet but my favorite was a
combination of both 
Of course we had to try samples of three of their best desserts.  This was a great meal obviously we sampled all of Ox's star courses and were stuffed, I even saw Ben going for the Rib Bone,  but it was well worth it to enjoy the great food and the company.

Chris Lara Wine Officianado
Tres Leches

Second Experience Wine

Day Two was Chris Lara's day to show us three great Wineries in Willamette Valley.  Chris had chosen all three and had made special arrangements with Elle at all each winery which included a private win paired lunch at Rex Hill Winery.  The Willamette Valley is world famous for it's Pinot Noir wine varieties it is due to it's special growing conditions

including weather, soil and geography.  The Willamette Valley is not like Napa it is quieter and definitely more focused on one varietal.  
Our Host Elle
We climbed into our personal shuttle and made our way approximately 45Argyle Winery in Dundee.  During the drive Chris who is studying for his Master Sommelier Test in 2 weeks was providing us a great overview of our day.  Argyle Winery is known for it's Sparkling Wines but also has several great Pinot Noirs.  Our hosts were Roslyn and Savanna, when you go with an Argyle Brut Rose Extended Tirage 2007.  I would recommend if you are on a Willamette Valley wine tour, visit this incredible tasting facility on a sunny day it is a wonderful place to visit.
Chris's Somm Badge
Industry person like Chris your entire experience changes for the better, we got a great individual tour and tried wines that are not available to the public like the
minutes outside of Portland to our first stop 
Our next Stop was at Rex Hill in Newberg to have wine paired lunch. The Rex Hill Winery is located in the heart of their vineyards and our lunch was inn this really cool Victorian styled interior house. I know you are thinking don't they ever stop eating and the answer is no the whole point is to find incredible eating experiences.  
Halibut in Pea Puree
We started lunch with a Smoked Salmon Mousse stuffed Raviolo and a wonderful Rex Hill GrandRex Hill Jacob-Hart Estate Pinot Noir.

Cuvee 2014.  The Beure Blanc Sauce was rich and creamy and worked well with the Smoked Salmon Mousse Raviolo.  My favorite dish was a Seared Halibut in a Pea Puree, the Pea Puree almost got licked out of the dish it was so delicious it was paired perfectly by a bright Rex Hill Pinot Noir.  We wrapped up lunch with a Roasted Lamb and Butter Poached early Carrots with a lovely 2015
After a few pictures  we headed to our last stop the Penner-Ash Winery, the  winemaker Lynn Penner-Ash was at Rex Hill as their winemaker and first female winemaker in Oregon in 1988, she left there in 1993 to start Penner-Ash.  I think this was Chris's most coveted stop of the day and it turned out to be a perfect place to end the day.  The tasting center is a great facility that overlooks the valley and on a clear day you can see the top of Mount Hood.  There are all sorts of colors bursting from the flowers and the bees were very busy sucking up all the pollen.  
Matt from Penner Ash
Rare Pic of TopChefTrail
Matthew our host was studying to take the Sommelier test and was genuinely excited to showoff Chris  an Advanced Sommelier and the group what a great Winery he worked for and how much he loved his job.  All I can tell you we were there for 2 hours and got to taste all the great wines Penner-Ash had to offer.  What a n awesome tour it was a great day of conversation, learning about wine from the Willamette Valley and tasting

the best wines the most knowledgeable people.

The following day was less sunny and a little cooler and we spent the day exploring Portland.  The highlights were the Rose Gardens and touring the Pearl District.  Portland's World Famous Rose Gardens were in the last two weeks of bloom and amazingly the most colorful place

we have ever been to. I will let you look at just some of the pictures but if you want to see a lot more just go to my Instagram account @topcheftrail, or visit before the first week of July.  The Pearl District is a great mix of really cool stores and restaurants and brew houses it is a great place to stroll and enjoy an afternoon.

Third Experience 10 for 10 at Beast #6 Dominique Crenn

Crenn Crew
Chef at Work
This evening was the highlight of the trip, Dinner at Beast for the 10 Chefs for 10 Years Dinner Series.  Chef Naomi Pomeroy reached out to some of the best chefs in on the Planet to collaborate with and hold these great dinners to celebrate Beast's 10 year anniversary.  Tonight, Chef #6 was Dominique Crenn who is the celebrated Chef from Atelier Crenn, Bar Crenn and Petit Crenn.  I wrote about Chef Dominique last year at another Marriott Moment event.  This was a great pairing of Chefs both fun, industrious, creative and world class.  When we arrived there was a small crowd gathered by the door, so we meandered among them until Chef Naomi opened the door.  When we got there we were offered 6 spots 2 were at the counter by ourselves, but right in the action.  Although the seating would be a little awkward we did come for the experience and what an experience it was.  Upon arriving we were stunned to be remembered by Chef Crenn who has had the most remarkable 12 months which included cooking a state meal for President Macron, how cool is
that.  Just shows that talent and hard work pays off.  Dominique gave us a big hug and we settled in for the night.  Honestly when you sit at the Chef's counter it is like you are the only one there and it provides for some great photo opportunities and conversations.  Chef Naomi is a very comfortable person she has a passion for life and enjoys her staff and her patrons.  Imagine this we are sitting a a serving counter that is 40 inches wide and 120 inches long and they prep and serve 24 dishes per course from there, we were on top of the action and our only job was to enjoy the food and stay out of the way of all the magic.  At any point in time there was a minimum of 6 chefs at the counter prepping, carving, pairing, tweezing, placing and blow-torching what fun.  The point of the dinner is for the guest chef to create the menu and lead in the preparation.  Apparently she is one of the few chefs that brought her people and their knives and then bought all the provisions from Naomi's local sources in Portland which shows a great respect for the local area.  
Geoduck Rose in a Tart Petals by Justin
Chef Crenn loves seafood and is responsible for me trying several things for the first time and loving every preparation.  Last time it was Uni, smoked Trout Roe and Caviar, this time it was Geoduck.  Justin her Sous Chef sliced very thin pieces of Geoduck and made Rose Petals to create a rose and put it in a little tart shell and served it with Stone Fruit and a dollop of Creme,  What a great bite, another one of my personal food myths blown just cause it is a little different like Geoduck if served
The Evening at Beast
properly it can taste awesome.
One of the things I really like about Chef Naomi is that she believes bread is for sopping up all the good stuff left on your plate when you have finished the main star of the plate.  This has been my main philosophy in my eating life, I will no longer feel subconscious of sopping up the good food juices with bread.  Our next dish was homage to Chef Crenn's upbringing and her main inspiration, her Mother.  It was a celebration of Tomatoes, a combination poached Cherry Tomatoes, Dried Tomato Skins, some Melon, Vinaigrette Soup, and a Tomato infused Creme.  It had a sharp bite from the skin, the sweetness from the Melon and the savory from the Creme, loved it! 
Beet Tartare
Chef Crenn likes to play with certain ingredients and the next dish was a play on a Beef Tartare instead she picked the richest of  Blood Red Beets and combined it with disks of White Miso and Black Truffle topped with a few Capers.  So this bite was sweetness from the beets and tangy from the caper but earthy from the truffle OK my taste buds are confused but they like what is in my mouth.  Did I mention that Michael, Beast's Wine expert had paired the entire dinner with some great wines in this case a local wine from Willamette Valley.
My favorite dish was Salmon with Sorrel with Beure Blanc.  This was my favorite because the Salmon was prepared so perfectly, a matter of fact it was the best I have ever tasted.  Let me tell you how make this dish cause I asked Chef Crenn.  You take a filet and cure it for 30 minutes with salt, ginger and sugar, you scrape the curing ingredients off and then smoke for 15 minutes, you then slow roast at 275 for another 15 minutes.  What you end up with is a piece of Salmon with a top crust and the center of the filet is incredibly moist and smoky, this dish is genius.  This was paired with a very nice Les Metheny Chardonnay 2011.
Do Not piss this Chef off
What about some spicy smoked Quail, Oui Oui Madame!  It is all about presentation and this was served on a Chinese inspired wrapping paper.  First time I have been excited about Quail, the Breast had been de-boned so we could just dig in and not worry about eating around all the little bones.  It was accompanied by Chicken Tea which was very much like a consomme.  
Wait there is more food, yes there was more food  I am getting full just writing this article.  
Roast Lamb With anchovy Butter
This course was a Roasted Saddle of Lamb prepared by Beast Chef de Cuisine Lucian Prellwitz.  Lucian walked me through how he had roasted it using the method of where you roast it at 500 for 10 minutes and then turn the oven off for anther 20 minutes allowing it to get to a perfect Medium Rare.  The saddle is right along the back bone and produces what is know Saratoga Lamb Chop.  It was great to watch Lucian carve the meat of the the saddle,   The Lamb was served with a dollop of
Anchovy Butter, Naomi brought out the blow torch to give it a little melt to coat
the lamb.  What a wonderful piece of meat perfectly cooked and and prepared.  The Anchovy butter really brought out a lot of taste for the lamb.
Berries, Cherries, Cream
Sir and Madame, Dessert is served ...we watched this painstakingly prepared, each Cream serving was blow torched out of it's Ramekan and then patiently assembled with each Cherry Cheek, White Raspberry, Cherry and Flower Petal and finally a candied Rose petal from a patrons own backyard.  This was paired with my favorite wine finding of the evening.  Michael was so excited to pour it, 2016 Maximin Grunhauser Riesling.  
The evening came to a close we thanked all the Chefs and Staff and realized that this was a great experience that really happens once in a lifetime.  Thank you Marriott Moments and Elle for putting it together. We cannot wait for the next Experience